Frequently Asked Questions

What if my cruise ship arrives late

 Cruise ships typically arrive and depart Basseterre on time. On those rare occasions when a ship does arrive late, we make necessary provisions to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch. A very late arrival may reduce the number of tour stops, the sites one sees, and how long we stop at each site, yet this is a very rare occurrence. 

Are you certain we will be back at the ship in time

 Yes, we are absolutely certain. Enjoy your tour with 100% confidence that we will get you back to your ship/flight with time to spare. We deal with strict time constraints every single day.  

How and when do we pay


An invoice would be sent to you after booking with us.

A confirmation email will be sent acknowledging payment(s) is/are received.


THREE IN ONE TOUR – 100% Wire Transfer Only Pre-required 

OTHER TOURS – 20% Wire Transfer Pre-required 

+ 80% Cash Only On Arrival